Sunday, 3 January 2010

Temple Library Reviews Comic Book Appreciation month!

On my travels around the internet yesterday I discovered that Harry Markov over a Temple Library Reviews is having a comic book month.
Now anyone who says they don't like comics is, in my humble opinion a philistine! Only kidding, each to their own.
So if like me, you have at least a passing interest in the subject then head on over it looks like it is going to be a fun month, with a very busy schedule.
Along with that Doug over at has his usual fantastically useful and there goes all the cash in my bank account list up. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and SFF Book Releases for January 2010 go look you'll see what I mean.
Continuing that theme Natasha at Writings Of A Wicked Book Addict also has her list up which can be found here.
Orbit US also have their Spring/Summer 2010 list up here, but still nothing about Orbit UK so I just have to sit and wait like a good girl.

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