Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rachel Vincent's Shift Mini Review

Title:  Shift  
Author:  Vincent, Rachel
Publisher:  Harlequin  
Imprint:  Mira  
Pub Date:  03/01/2010  
ISBN:  9780778327608

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Looking for something to get your girlfriends pulse racing?
Well look no further.
Rachel Vincent's Shifter series is an emotional roller-coaster ride and Shift definitely does not disappoint.
With Faythe, our heroine torn between the two men she loves the tension and emotion in this novel are at an all time high. One things for certain these two definitely make you want to have your cake and eat it! Move over Vamps and Wolves I for one am definitely Team Werecat!


  1. have been meaning to try this shifter series. thanks for the reminder ;-D

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